Cottage vacation


Rent a cottage within a nature park and near the best experiences

Enjoy your cottage vacation in one of the fantastic cottages at Maribo Lake Camping. Whether you choose one of our camping cottages or a luxury cottage, a great holiday is guaranteed for the whole family. The cottages are of high quality, and with a location in the Nature Park Maribo Lakes, you are very close to both nature and other fantastic experiences on Lolland-Falster. At the campsite there is a playground and a small camping shop where you can buy all the necessities.

The campsite has its own small beach down to the lake. There is good access for people with disabilities. From the lake there is a fantastic view of both the Nature Park and Maribo town. You can rent a canoe with us, so you can experience the entire nature park from the water.

Book your vacation at Maribo Lake Camping now and have a great time within a nature park.


Click on the map and get an overview of Maribo Lake Camping

Luxury Cottage: Up to 5 people

6 luxury cottages with room for 5 people
The luxury cottages have all the amenities you need. There are two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. The kitchen has a fridge with freezer, stove, and all the necessary kitchen utensils. In addition, electricity, TV, and fast wireless internet are included.

Price in high season: 800 DKK per day
Price in low season: 750 DKK per day

In low season, the cabins can be rented with 20 % if more than 3 nights. (Only online booking).

Camping Cottage: Up to 4 people

5 camping cottages with room for 4 people
The camping cottages are nice, high quality cabins. There are good kitchen facilities, including refrigerator, stove, coffee maker, and kitchen utensils. Power and fast wireless internet is included. Additional kitchen facilities as well as toilet and shower are freely available at the campsite. Dogs and cats can be brought by arrangement.

Price in high season: 600 DKK per day
Price in low season: 500 DKK per day

In low season, the cabins can be rented with 20 % discount, if you book more than 3 nights. (online booking).


Online-book OFFER during offseason:
book more than 3 nights, get 20 % of discount – BOOK HERE!

Cottage prices:
luxury high season: 800 dkk per day
luxury low season: 750 dkk per day

camping cottage high season: 600 dkk per day
camping cottage low season: 500 dkk per day

Other prices:
wifi: free
hot shower: free
linen package: 90 dkk
Swimming towels: 30 dkk
washing machine 45 dkk excl. soap
dryer: 10 dkk per 30 mins

High season 2021:
18/12 2020 -3/1 2021 + 31/3-5/4 2021 + 29/4-2/5 2021 +12/5-16/5 2021 +21/5-24/5 2021 + 4/6-6/6 2021 + 25/6-22/8 2021 + 23/12 2021- 2/1 2022

Maribo Lake Camping is open from 25/3-31/10 2021

opening hours reception:
07:30 – 12:00
14:00 – 22:00
Opening hours may vary during offseason.