Maribo is one of the most beautiful and historic towns in Denmark. It is furthermore one of the most well-preserved towns in the very heart of Lolland.

Maribo is known for its church, old ruins, museums, rich cultural life, famous Danes, such as Kaj Munk and Leonora Christina. Besides these things Maribo is known for its natural riches and prosperous industrial and commercial activities.

Maribo is easily accessible by the highway running north-south almost right up to the ”town gate” or by bus or rail. The town centre is only a few minutes’ walk away from the station.

600 years of country history scattered like story-telling colourful spots in the narrow idyllic streets surrounding the cathedral, which is towering high above the town.

The old picturesque environment is so real that the visitor senses the nuns, munks, blacksmiths, tanners, red-cheeked farm girls working in the beet fields and traders of the past, while the eyes take in the well-preserved scenery.

Although hustling and bustling Maribo offers many leisurely places for introspection and warm joy of seeing and experiencing the brisk clatter on the cobble stones.
The visitor gets the fullest experience by taking a guided tour. The night watchman takes his rounds – in full uniform – at special times during the summer season.

Opening hours

Opening Season:
29/03-2019 – 20/10-2019

Opening hours reception:
07:30 – 12:00
14:00 – 22:00
Opening hours may vary during offseason.

The holiday season:
14/06-2019 – 16/08-2019
17/04-2019 – 22/04-2019
16/05-2019 – 19/05-2019
29/05-2019 – 02/06-2019
07/06-2019 – 10/06-2019