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Sights & Excursions

In and around Maribo you will find spectacular sights, such as:

Take a trip with the Anemone on Maribo Lake.
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Halsted Kloster Golf Club
Halsted Kloster Golf Club is located 7 km east of Nakskov by the county Halsted Kloster
Miniature town of Maribo
Discover the miniature town of Maribo. About 60 buildings can be seen in the display market town from the period between 1850-1900.
Nørregade Theatre
Experience theater, music and other events at Noerregade Theatre in Maribo.
Frilandsmuseet (200m.)
Read more about the Frilandsmuseet here:
A cultural center built in the city’s old power station from 1911. A house for theater, film, lectures, concerts, conferences and more.
Maribo Jazz Festival
Discover Maribo Jazz festival:
Railway Museum Maribo-Bandholm
Experience a ride on the oldest private railway:
The nature reserve of the Maribo Lakes
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The Cathedral
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The Golf Club Maribo Sø
Golfers can enjoy playing golf in the beautiful surroundings near Maribo Søndersø.
Maribo Turistbureau
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From Maribo there is only a short distance to:

A monument for the future.
Guldborgsund Zoo
Guldborgsund Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Cycle on Lolland-Falster
Discover lovely Lolland-Falster bike with one of the many short day trips.
Munkevejen is a themed bike route. It passes historic sites that bear witness to the spread of Christianity and its importance to our cultural heritage.
Nakskov Shipping and Maritime Museum
See the exhibits at Nakskov and Maritime Museum.
Nakskov Fire Museum
See the old fire engines and learn the history of Nakskov fire department in the Injection house.
Krenkerup Brewery
Come out and get a tour of the brewery and see how we brew our different types of quality beer.
Reventlow Museum
Reventlow Museum offers throughout the summer everybody welcome inside the old main building of the manor Pederstrup.
Danish sugar museum
Discover the story behind the production of the Danish sugar.
Mailboat on Nakskov inlet
Get on a trip with the mail boat on Nakskov inlet.
Knuthenlund was created in 1729 by county Knuthenborg.
Globen in Holeby
Experience a visually climate center.
Bon Bon Land
Family amusement park, full of raving rucshebaner and crazy rides.
Geo Center Møns Klint
Gain insight into the ancient world at the GEO center Møns Klint.
Crocodile Zoo
The crocodile lived on earth already 200 million years ago alongside dinosaurs. Visit Crocodile Zoo and take part in our amazement and joy at this incredible survivor.
Fuglsang Kunstmuseum
The museum’s theme is Danish art form of painting, sculpture, drawing and graphics from the national art education establishment in 1754 until today.
The most popular vacation centre in Denmark with tropical indoor swimming pools, medeterranian restaurants and activities for the entire family.
Knuthenborg Safaripark
A remarkable world-wide collection of animals and specially arranged guided bus tours durring the entire summer season.
Middelalder Centret
Experimental museum center with carefully restored medieval environment.
Visit Lolland-Falster
Get inspiration for several holiday activities on Lolland-Falster

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